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Membership Benefits & Eligibility

SCAPA provides a legal forum for its members to work together, to communicate with government and with the public.  SCAPA promotes the industry and its products - from suppliers of raw materials to our finished product - to the benefit of everyone involved.

A few of the current and past activities of SCAPA

  • Publishes an annual directory of contractor and associate members, certain government agencies and other important organizations.
  • Conducts annual conference featuring nationally known industry speakers.
  • Cooperates with the National Asphalt Pavement Association, National Center for Asphalt Technology and Asphalt Institute in research and educational activities to develop an even better product, new paving techniques and a higher quality of workmanship.
  • Maintains liaison with government agencies affecting the hot mix asphalt industry.
  • Participated in a successful effort to repeal federal law mandating crumb rubber in hot mix asphalt.
  • Participated in the development of the USEPA approved General Conditional Major Operating Permit for hot  mix asphalt plants.
  • Worked to secure passage of state law increasing hours of service for certain intrastate truck drivers.
  • Conducts seminars on hot mix asphalt product, construction, safety and environmental practices and regulations.
  • Publishes regular bulletins for member firms.
  • Provides information about hot mix asphalt pavements to architects, engineers, developers and others.
  • Serves as a forum for collection and distribution of information about industry developments, trends, etc., helpful in long range planning.
  • Always ready to assist member firms.

SCAPA bylaws provide for two classes of membership


Firms operating one or more plants in South Carolina which manufacture asphalt paving mixes.  The designated representative of each contractor member firm shall have one vote in Association affairs.


Firms that manufacture, provide, produce and / or market:

(1) Asphalt cement and emulsions.

(2) Crushed stone, gravel, and lime.

(3) Contract bonds and construction insurance services.

(4) Hot mix asphalt plants, pavers, rollers, milling machines, material transfer devices and major components for hot mix asphalt (HMA) plants such as dryers, cold bins, HMA and lime silos, baghouses, and scrubbers, asphalt cement storage tanks, hot oil heaters, dryer burners, scales, and plant electronic control systems.

(5) Milling of hot mix asphalt pavements

(6) Testing of aggregate, asphalt cement additives for use in HMA; engaged in the mix design of HMA; engaged in the determination of HMA pavement structures; engaged in the evaluation of HMA performance; engaged in the practice of advising and determining compliance with state, federal, county and municipal regulations, zoning and other laws and any other regulations applicable to HMA plants, sites and related operations.

(7) Testing equipment

(8) Transportation of asphalt cement and emulsions in bulk quantities.

(9) Safety and traffic control devices and equipment.

(10) Erosion control, line striping, thermoplastic and grassing products.

(11) Legal services on behalf of the construction industry.

(12) Energy suppliers (i.e. natural gas, fuel oil, electrical).

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